Thursday, December 10, 2009

swap with denysia+new piercing+CS ramble

geezz after waiting all this time,i got my driver driving to the post office for 3 hours for THE SECOND TIME to get this package !and see what i got,i had to pay 21 bucks for tax!geezz!i will never do anymore swap when im in Indonesia,i have learnt my lesson
thanks a lot denysia !

ELF studio lot.:P
but now i doubt im gonna use those since im breaking out again.GEEEZZ HELP ME !
i dunno whats wrong with me,i dont wear makeup for days but still breaking out terribly.:(

got this clinique anti redness solution plus GWP from macys

pop beauty palette,i got from denysia's blogsale!geezz its so easy to apply and so pigmented !love this !

lashes,chapstick,my 1st lip smacker and pigments

i was so excited !the smashbox lip emulsion is missing tho!i just emailed denysia and asked her,was it the custom or she forgot to include it !hehe

showing off my tiny piercing!lol
i didnt plan to use it since i rarely wear earrings! but my friend got one and she asked me i shud get one,after wandering around we decided to get another one,so 2 new piercings for her and one for me!i was actually gonna run when she was gonna use that "gun" to pierce me but there were my juniors from high school so i stopped screaming,be a man (?) and deal with it !
on our way home,we walk and sang christmas song so damn loud ppl stare at us and i was like,are we drunk?maybe the alcohol that they use on our ears got us drunk,yeahhh !!LOL
btw it was 3 PM yeah and we were drunk?

Btw i got this mail from Pace University NYC,USA.LOL
yeah i signed up for their mailing list just for fun and they sent me this brochures all the way from NYC!
i didnt do anything serious,just subscribe to their mailing
i have had some bad experiences with  Indonesian's CS,well its not experience since they NEVER,i said NEVER reply to any enquiries.its not late replies but actually NO REPLY
 singaporean's CS usually reply within 24 hour.
another bad CS experience from,i ordered their stuff around 3 months ago,i waited for a month but still nothing then i contacted them and they ship my stuff BUT they miss my free gift from the free gift code,i emailed them and they say gonna send the gift.
1.not only i have to wait for more than one month,i also didnt get my free gift
until now,i didnt get any package and they never reply my email terrible is that huh?its not like their product is that good and they also have terrible CS.


Fifi said...

maybe she didn't mark the package as a gift? i've never had to pay that much tax before. sorry to hear that :/

anyhoo, cute piercing. and now i'm going crazy waiting for my elf package!

Zoe said...

That's such a nice swap with Denysia, u have to pay for tax too, here we have the same problem, it's so annoying...
I love ur tiny piercings ,looks cute on u and I am sorry to hear about ur Eyeko order experience , ordering online can always coz such problems so cheer up^^.

Dina (XYYan) said...

Yeah, the custom here is really suck. but on the bright side finally you got your package!
whoa, you got piercing? cool!

Jenny del Castillo said...

I have the ELF primer for eyes and lips and are totally amazing! I love them :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear about the bad CS. :( They definitely don't deserve your money. On the bright side, I love your cute second piercing and swap goodies! :) Yay to your first lipsmacker! Hope your skin gets better soon.

Blair said...

That is a fabulous swap! It's a pity that customs had to ruin it =( Customs in Malaysia suck too! *urghhh*

Kax24 said...

hey thanks for following my blog! :) will be adding you as well

adin_22 said...

Hi!Verina,customs in SE asia sucks bigtime huh...& sorry bout the cs in eyeko, hope u get your freebie.....I also want a 2nd piercing....:D

lindah said...

oh man... I should like triple wrap your nail polish in like bubble wrap and then stick it in a zip loc bag! haha xD and that's really expensive to pay for tax.. and you had to take a 3 hour drive?!?! THAT'S WHACK! I live like 10 minutes max from my post office haha! XD but nice elf stuff and I love pop beauty :D

Daituf said...

Yeah, Eyeko stuff aren't that great either... They just have cute packaging :/
Careful to take care of that piercing eh! It's so easy to get it infected when you first pierce it...happened to me, happened to my mom too...

So yeah, NYC is awesome!!! Any plans to visit there any time soon??? Think of all the makeup u can buy :P

Ms.Jenn said...

aww have fun with the goodies!

amynaree said...

haha you finally got your package!!! you must be happy now, great stuff!! can't wait to hear your reviews on all those ELF Studio products.

Cute piercing!

Dina (XYYan) said...

LOL.. you should eat them then :D

VENNILLA said...

Hi friend this is vennilla here.. ur doing a wonderful job.. can we exchange links..


that pop beauty pallete is freggin gorgeous omg

Pop Champagne said...

wow so much stuff!! Yeah I break out randomlly too, well soemtimes it's hormones when I PMS and other times it's just junk food... sigh being a chick sucks eh! And $22 for tax?! :( Government already takes enough money as is lol!

Cupcake Couture said...

Ohhhhh, are the boots comfortable??? I hope they are...

Chommie said...

OH MY GOD $21 for tax?! GOD DANG that's a LOT!!!

are you breaking out b/c of period? or maybe the weather?

and i got that apple set from clinique too!

i also have that piercing too! but on my right ear. I used to have more but since my skin is SUPER sensitive, i get infected easily so i can't have alot :( and seriously, i cant get used to the gun either! i always panic when they draw a little dot on my ears and about to pierce it!

and seriously, ill take up on your offer on washing dimitri! he's handful!!!

and my arms are still not good from NAIR :'(

Jae said...

what a haul!

ive joined mailing lists for schools and i should have never given them my telephone numbers. i wasnt expecting them to harass me!! never again. i signed up in the summer and theyre still calling, even though i never pick up.

Toothfairy said...

HAHAHA lipsmacker!!! omg... that was so hot in primary school!! weeheeww...


Natalie said...

i have that pop beauty palette too! it rocks!! :)) that clinique stuff looks like it really works. i use their toner twice a day and it's the best thing to keep skin clear!! :)))


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