Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dear Santa (not),

i know i havent been a good girl this year,but i dont give a crap coz u will not visit me anyway even if had been a good girl all this year!!
yeahh cut the crap,we all know santa isnt real!so this is more like how hard im gonna try to get all this,i cant depend on santa!
btw this post was inspired by Dina
lol i have seen so many christmas wishlist but i think doing this on polyvore is easier


hehe this list isnt exactly all things i want,some just pretty close enough

maybe u notice i got aguafina chapstick and witch hazel on my wishlist,yeah!!
they are freaking cheap but i dont think they are available here!

that iDOLE armani smells so good btw but i can never finish my fragrance so i doubt i need this!lol

cudnt find any nude nail polish,so i pick this O.P.I

all over face brush!geezz i dunno which one i want!lol

geezz that LV Trevi PM is kinda to-die-for !why everything has to be overpriced here in asia???

hand cream

see?its Sarah Jessica Parker's hand,watch out ladies !dont forget ur hands!show them some love!hehe

whats on ur top wishlist?


Dina (XYYan) said...

nice wishlist! :D
the LV bag is really TDF.
yeah, we do need to take care of our hands too. i don't wanna turn out like that.

Fifi said...

I want a new laptop too but I don't think that's gonna happen T_T

And whoa~ scary hands!

freshelle said...

nice list!! everything LV is to die for...drools!! but i'm currently on a chanel lemming phase! haha

ew...sjp's hands...

Kym said...

wait, santa isn't real???? hahha jkjk... yes, hand care is important... especially in the cold winters we have, my hands tend to get really dry and cracked :(

LOLanne said...

grosssss SJP's hands look like they belong to a 100 year old transvestite :P the clutch is beautiful though!


Diane said...

I love the LV bag, I actually saw that one at the LV store the other day and was trying to convince the husband I needed a new purse. (He wasn't convinced). LOL why did you have to show us the scary hand picture! Haha, I'm going out to buy hand cream RIGHT NOW. =)

amynaree said...

I love the red shoes and bag!! hehe nice wish list

Pop Champagne said...

Sarah Jessica Parker disgusts me. There's nothing attractive about her. I don't even want to blog about her ugh she's got veins sticking out everywhere and that horse face YUCK LOL!

yeah kely clarkson is still fat i think HAHAHA to answer your question. But I'd do her over Sarah Jessica Parker any day!

btw I want that LV too :D

lindah said...

HEY I'm getting you that chapstick! haha, so take it off :P And you really want a nude polish? LET ME KNOW WHAT SHADE OF OPI YOU WANT!! I'll grab it for you :D I'm gonna email you a shopping list of everything that you want to verify it before I buy it ^_^

I'm scared my hands will look like that soon! I don't really take care of them well >< I better go get some lotion LOL..

Toothfairy said...

I have no idea what I want for Christmas... :S

and I do think LV and any other high brands are overpriced in Asia! I'm glad I live in Europe, and that Paris is only a few hours drive away!


Kax24 said...

hey witch hazel toner is just around $5 for about 8oz here if you want me to send you one just hit me. :)

xphoebelinax said...

same with me and the aquafina chapstick! but witch hazel is available here :) are you sure it's not available at like shopping malls pharmacies and stuff? i swear i've seen one in jkt when i went back home! :P

Shop N' Chomp said...

What? You mean Santa isn't real? NOOOO! :P

SJP's hands are so scary. Madonna's looks that bad too. Eek!

Great idea to Polyvore your list, sweetie. :D I hope you get most if not all of the items!

maryj0lisa said...

eww.. man hands to the max!

if santa fails u, i have the balance and brighten brush up for swap on my MUA. just lmk if u want to swap for it


Monica said...

You'll like the Hoola bronzer!

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