Sunday, December 6, 2009

a piece of me in December+ reminder,do it if u havent done so! hehe

host: sherry
This month....
I like : christmas decoration and music everywhere.tho i dont celebrate christmas i just love it.:)

I don't like: ppl who just spread the unhappiness around and really just ruin my whole day even before it starts. unfortunately,they are around me so im just gonna have to wait coz im moving out soon!yeay !
btw the same answer as november's

I want you to know:  i just got my braces off! yeay!but i have to get used to the retainer and sometimes i sound weird when i talk plus i have to take it off when i want to eat, looks like something a grandma should do before going to bed! LOL

I've planned: to do swaps with tamara from cherrycolors and lindah from onlyxlindah. cant wait !hehehe

I want to say to someone special: Luke thanks a bunch,u know what to do around jakarta more than i do!LOL. absolutely cant wait for next week!are u reading my blog btw?:P


onic said...

aww sometimes i feel like i cant wait to move from here too. but i'm surely will miss those annoying people :]
verina, i got the package about few days ago. thank you so much! i love it :D:D
sorry didnt make it to the meet up :(
and the package from me on its way already. hope you'll like it so it worth the wait. let me know, doll :]

Zoe said...

The Christmas decorations are really nice everywhere, looking forward pictures from ur swaps^^

onic said...

someone copy my name! *nggak terima* haha iyah, kayaknya emang onic yang ini. soalnya paketnya sampe ke rumah gw hehe :P

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I'd like to do this post,too. "a piece of me" sounds like fun! ^^

oh ya, about that rosella tea, you can find that in Guardian or Century store in any malls, or at any department store.. I found it in Senayan City last month, I think they still have it now.. ^^ drink it after having meal, because it's sour...

about that Earl Grey tea, hmm.. I think it depends though, I found mine in Carrefour, let me know if you have tasted that! ^^

Aralka said...

aww I guess I am a person who spreads sadness.
But I am doing my best to fight it. Sorry.

No braces? :) Wow, that's good ^^

Pop Champagne said...

I don't like people who spread unhappiness either. Party crashers! Or people that dampen others enthusiasm. Korea?! I've never been but I love their make up! :D Congrats on getting your braces off btw it’s deinately exciting! Hehe I wear a mouth guard when I sleep so I don't grind my teeth I'm like a grandma with dentures too!

Kym said...

ahhh yes, i love the lights, the smell, music and everything else associated with the holidays! :)

in regards to your comment, i'm tiny in terms of height.. only 5'1 which i guess is normal for asians. haha! ;P

the gift my bf got me is a tablet... i can now draw straight onto my computer! :)

amynaree said...

yay for all that swap line up you have, so fun!

Pop Champagne said...

btw do you have another set of blog called "Serena"? if not I think there's someone using your pic :S

Toothfairy said...

YAY!!! for no braces, but wait a minute, how come I've never noticed you had braces.... what's wrong with me hahaha


lindah said...

you had braces?!?! Well, I guess you can't tell since you didn't smile with them right? lol, I'm definitely sending you a whitening kit because it really helped me after I got mine off! ^_^

LOLanne said...

awww congrats on getting your braces off :)) i had braces in highschool... had it for almost THREE years... i know how you feel about finally getting them off!

i wasnt very good with putting my retainers on though :S i just wear them at night cuz i couldnt stop drooling with it lol


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

hello there! hmm.. you can't comment in my new comment form?? but shirley from just left her comment successfully.. why don't you try again, just put your name, email/url in the box below the text and you're all set! ^^ (don't bother to login if you don't have the openid/intensedebate id..) I hope it works! ^^

About that earl grey tea, it's like a lemon tea, but a different taste of lemon (bergamot and lemon is still in one family, hehe)and the scent is great, I love it! ^^

lindah said...

YES THERE IS! LOL, it's uneven, but it's not SUPER uneven. It's really a pain in the butt to put on eyeliner sometimes because I try to make it LOOK even when it's already even! (I probably don't make sense HAHA)

Midtown Girl said...

Congrats on getting your braces off - YAY for you!

Now let's see those pearly whites in a pretty smiley pic ;-)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I don't celebrate the religious part of Christmas but I love it too. :) I don't like people who spread unhappiness too! I didn't even know you wore braces! Well, congrats even though I had no clue...hehe. Looking forward to seeing your swap goodies, sweetie!

Dina (XYYan) said...

haha, glad that i tempt you :D
can't wait to see your wishlist!

btw, when you will leave for Sg?

acutelife said...

lolz...some people are just giving negative vibes off for some reason. We just have to avoid the vibes ;)
you're off to spore soon...too bad coz I was thinking to meet you up during my visit to jakarta :( well maybe next time ;) are you gonna study in spore?

Samantha said...

Top of my list? Hmmm..... Sephora things in general lol Cash would be great of course. I'm also a sucker for a heart warming card.

Thanks for following! Btw, your so gorgeous!

Replying to your question: Passing out is odd for the two seconds you feel it happening. I've passed out a few times in my life and each time all I remember is feeling weightless and my eyes closing as my body falls. It's kinda awesome in a outer body experience way but it's not too fun if you think about the dangers of passing out haha. I've woken up confused but not in pain since I usually fall somewhere decent.
I hope you never pass out and if you ever do fall forward! NOT BACK! haha.

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