Wednesday, December 23, 2009

new traincase +poll help

okay 1st off i need u guys to do me a n my bf has a lot of tiny unimportant argues every single he was like,why dont u make a poll on ur blog and see who is correct? well there's actually lots of topics but as usual,i always think im correct and some is subjective.

so,when we were in the supermarket,he said that he was looking for biscuit named Chicken in A Biscuit.okay as for my defense,u all know how i LOL,HEHE,HAHA,LMAO,BAHAHAHAHHA a lot in my post,well its not just online,i laugh a lot in real life,WHY wud i stop myself from enjoying myself and laughing rite??
to be fair,i guess his defense is that my laughter sounds scary (which is not,ask Dina,does my laughter sounds scary at all??)
okay then we finally found this and i just laughed and his magic words just slide,THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU...

come on,look at the box!how they purposely wrote BISKIT and hey look at the chicken's face!its funny!!
nothing's wrong with me rite?im just a lil girl who laugh a lot whose bf accuse her of having scary laughter which is completely untrue.:P

  simply do the poll on my left bar baby,please be fair,dont be on my side coz u love me bunch !:)

ps: hmmm i recall someone telling me not to post anything about him on my blog.

new traincase since i have no vanity,drawer etc

see,its huge?love it !

well it seems like i have nothing to blog about at the moment
sorry for being extremely random
stay silly !


Zoe said...

lol, ur story with ur bf is really funny and cute^^..I don't think there is anything wrong with u or him ..but that biscuit cover looks really funny..ha ha ha..

ning * star said...

ahaha, i laughed when i saw the poll... u are very normal!!! pwahahaha
the train case is huge

Dina (XYYan) said...

LOL, your laughter sounds okay to me :D
i've never heard of that snack before, i guess i will laugh too when i see it.
your new traincase looks spacious~

Ida said...

I think that's normal, really, not just being on your side :) I'm like that sometimes too!

adin_22 said...

don't worry verina, you're just a normal girl ...some stuff are just simply ridiculous...& you're just a bubbly girl...hehe....BTW, Nice traincase...

Rita *Lala* said...

aww you should laugh a lot! its healthy! :D i laugh a lot too, my friends get a little embarassed sometimes, specially on cinema, cause they say I laugh loud and more than others. :S and my laugh gets a really scary sometimes haha! I even have this silence laugh that is, of course, the biggest laugh! is the one that i'm laughing so much that almost can't breath XD

amynaree said...

oh yum I love Chicken in a bisket too haha how come you just don't get some drawers for make up storage instead of a traincase? lol!

Jbreezybaby said...

lmao... "alive with flavour". ok seriously, who wouldn't laugh at that shit. smack ur boyfriend back there's nothing wrong with you!

Toothfairy said...

I've voted! you're normal, or I'm crazy too. I laugh a lot as well, not sure whether it's scary or not, but I laugh A LOT! :P

and I think it's a good thing!


lindah said...

I like chicken in a biscuits! :) They're yummy, but the box doesn't look like that at all over here! LOL

LOLanne said...

LOL laughing is NORMAL ;)

hmmm maybe i should get a train case too... my vanity's OVERCROWDED... and a lot of those products i rarely even use =_=

Fifi said...

Haha I'd be laughing too if I saw that biskit thing... so no, you're normal hun.

I argue a lot with my bf over silly tiny things too. It's so immature!

I have yet to buy a traincase, I don't need one yet but I want one for sure! :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

the mask does work for me :) i don't know if it works for your sensitive skin though

Pop Champagne said...

no way I don't think there's anything wrong with you! I laugh a lot too, and I'd be laughing if I saw the chicken biskit thing LOL

Shop N' Chomp said...

Nice traincase, girlie! :) I have the same problem. I tend to laugh at inappropriate times. XD I grew up eating Chicken in a Biskit but I have never seen that packaging. Must be Asia only hehe. I don't blame you for laughing b/c the chicken just looks whack.

Diane said...

LOL I love your idea of putting the poll on your blog for us to vote. Haha, I think I'm going to do the same thing next time my hubby and I disagree on something.

BTW, I laugh all the time too!

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