Sunday, November 29, 2009

O.P.I dupes+ revlon& maybelline in indonesia :P

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O.P.I. Espana collection Barefoot in Barcelona= Revlon slate
O.P.I. Espana collection Can Yout Tapaz This?= Revlon totally toffee
lol i was actually trying out nail polish in O.P.I. counter but it was 18 bucks each and i had this idea to wander around find the dupes,1st counter i stopped by was revlon and i got the match !haha its only 3 bucks. :p

see below is maybelline counter in department store,along with lancome,MUFE etc

when we were wandering around like an idiot suddenly we saw this parade !yeay !clown,santa,violin,fairies,balloons,candy i was like,me also want balloon !lol

my hair look like CRAP !I MEAN CRAP !lol
im so embarassed !

who cares !i got the balloon !the only retarted adult running asking for balloon !lol

my balloon Mr.Dabidabidum

photobox so 1990's !lol

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Monday, November 23, 2009

giveaway reminder+anyone wanna do swap?

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anyone,ANYONE,wanna have swap with me please let me know,i can get my hands on korean brand item (skinfood,etude,innisfree,vov,face shop) and uk brand (barry m,illamasqua)
i also have estee lauder advanced repair whitening serum and dr jart bb cream,convo me !:)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

soapaholic's first giveaway+giveaways ( join mine too !)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

welcome to my new blog !!

for some reason,well its because i dont want my blog to appears on google search because one day im gonna have a job and i dont want my coworkers to read my blog,its just for us girls !lol

btw i just found out that its actually kinda dangerous to post our picts online.:(

see this pict below

how irresponsible people turn the picture into

I laugh my *ss off real hard !!
cheers !

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

surprise giveaway+EOTD+she space haul+seaworld+color tag

do i need to tell you that che color is RED?lol
i got tagged by shirley
it was pretty easy,the second one i got tagged by lindah
guess what the color is please !lol

 maybe at first u'd guess its TEAL.see last two picts,i was so desperate because i cudnt find that color in my room,i took these 2 picts separately coz u guys wud notice its more like turqoise than teal,yeah i cheat,so what???hahahaah

my first ever EOTD !haha

see shades that i use

still too lazy to name each shade,here is the swatchie,without primer,applied dry !uh mazing huh??

this seawolrd trip was actually ages ago but im too lazy to post lesson learnnt today,

haha im so embarassing,i keep screaming like a little kid,running all around,even too afraid to touch this TINY shark,see the hand,thats a little kid rubbing it like plaing with teddy bear,i HAD to scream,back out,come back again because i REALLY wanna touch it,run again,and scream,yeah i caused a SCENE and note that im 18 not 8 !lol

i also wave to every diver,i mean keep waving and asking the to do stuff,like this guy,i keep asking him to hold that shark and he did !lol.its okay,its not a dangerous

i told him to hold coz i wanted to take pict but we were in a rush so my face look like big dork.:(
we are actually allowed to dive ,there are two tanks,this one and SHARK only,for this tank we dont need any so called diving license thingie,I REALLY WANT !!yeah like that tiny shark tihingie,i want so many stuff and i swear,I'D FAINT if i get in this first time i enter this "alley",what do u call it,is it an alley?lol
i had to hold on to my friend's arm because im so scared,curious n

huge stingray.hehe

cute but ugly fish,dunno the

dunno the english term of this fish,but isnt SHE cute?chubby fat fish !loll

this shark is huge but not really dangerous,they dont have white shark here.hehe.i wonder if they have white shark in any other seaworld.
i asked the guide asking whether or not we can enter the shark tanks coz there was this guy entering the tank to feed the shark in cage,i had the pict but i think i erased it my mistake.grrr.there were up to 20 sharks in there and there he was feeding them.i'd piss myself if i did ,then faint,of
we actually coudl if we have the license and the
i wanna see other seaworlds around the world and not to cause a scene

as for the surprise giveaway,its easy and simple
im moving to my new blog


ps: i want it ends on decemeber but since its christmas,im sure USPS will be very busy,so more time till januari.hehehe..i also have the right to close the giveaway early,so dont waste the time,do this now.hehe
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if u win my giveaway,i will choose the gift,so please dont tell me the brand ,if u do,u will be disqualified(dont know from ulta,macys,or norstrom or sephora for US reader and makeup mix shop for international reader,depends on the preferences u give me)hehe---

---. for 5 more entries,please spread the word,on ur blog post or sidebar,and leave another comment and the link---


yeay !!

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check out my latest post
thanks all
if u still wanna follow my blog coz im abandoning this one soon,please go on

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my first review attempt :Erzulie

tell me if i did something wrong

about Erzulie Cosmetics

Erzulie Cosmetics in another amazing, all-natural, mineral line from Progress In Health, Inc. This particular line is energetically formulated, and blended with the emerging Goddess Energy now flooding the planet. Developed for women who are wise about their health, seek all natural alternative to chemically-laden cosmetics, and want to bring out & enhance their own inner beauty. As with all Progress In Health products, Erzulie Cosmetics are not just skin temporarily hide flaws, or cake the face with color. The mineral, rich formulas repair the skin, soothe and nourish, and help you look beautiful whether you're wearing makeup or not!

Rhonda Demars, the CEO, Founder & Formulator of Progress In Health, has a dedicated background in all-natural ingredients. As a Certified Nutritionist, Rhonda quickly came face to face with a growing problem in this country of "Chemical Sensitivity" that effects overall health in severe and debilitating ways. Rhonda didn't see an untapped market, but as a growing, segment of the population in dire need of all-natural alternative products. Calling on her own personal interests in nature, health-care, and beauty...she set to work developing Erzulie Cosmetics. Since then, she was increased the Progress In Health line to include: Progress ™, a professional-grade, mineral skincare line.

"I am an experienced all natural cosmetic formulator, and holistic nutritionist. My passion for makeup started when I was a little girl and has continued to be the driving force of creativity and joy in my life. I feel it is my calling to make products with integrity and quality, that will not only be effective but also exceed expectations.

My original, all-natural formulations are the safest, most effective way of using mineral makeup. Recent studies have shown that breathing mineral powders directly into the lungs is extremely unhealthy, even in small amounts. The smallest mineral size that's safe for use in cosmetics is "micronized". We do not use any nano-particulates ever! Our original formulations are then blended in natural bases of organic oils, waxes, and plant butters, and then all natural pigments are added for color. From beginning to end all our products are made with integrity and skill, and a promise to provide the best all-natural skincare and cosmetics available on the market today!
All our holistic skincare products and color cosmetics are 100% all natural, paraben, synthetic silicone and bismuth-oxide free. All Truly from Nature...."

Rhonda is constantly in development on new products for all her lines, and she welcomes all feedback and suggestions. If there's a product you have been dying to see offered in an all-natural formulation...consider sending her an e-mail about it! Progress In Health is also working to offer more and more "Vegan-Friendly" products, and eventually move to a 100% recycled packaging for all our products. There's no standing still with Rhonda or this cutting-edge, earth friendly, nature loving, health conscious business!!!

ask for nars blushes dupes !!loll

their website

etsy store:

PERFECT MATCH™ Cream To Powder Mineral Foundation


jojoba oil ,beeswax,  tapioca powder,  rice powder,
sericite, carnauba wax, candellila wax, evening primrose oil , corn starch, shea butter, naturagard, squalane, emulisifying wax, vitamin e, mineral blend ,kaolin, grapefruit seed extract, iron oxides, ultramarine blue

its the rightmost one.i got the light shade and its wayy too light for me


-it gives dewy look
-SPF 25 !!
-medium to full coverage
-buildable layer
-staying power is awesome ( i used it in the morning after moisturizer,but because the shade was too light i tap some joppa foundation ,so full coverage,seriously i mean full coverage,and last me for more than 10 hours,no touch up,no blotting paper,i wanna see the staying power but i gotta sleep.LOL)


 -because its creamy texture,it cant deal with my fleaky post blemish i have to apply some powder,but if u are flawless or ur blemish scar isnt flaky,no problem for u.:)

PROGRESS™ Non-Comedogenic Mineral Concealer Sticks



Ingredients: jojoba oil,,evening primrose oil,beeswax,shea butter,candellila wax, carnauba wax, vitamin e, squalane, non gmo cornstarch, mineral blend, grapefruit seed extract, iron oxides.

the leftmost one is the concealer and the right one is erzulie liquid foundation in light medium

what i like
-non comedogenic
-nice coverage

-none (except i got the wrong shade AGAIN)


some tips for y'all,using  ANY sort of liquid/creamy concealer for undereye cause eye makeup to smudge so dont forget use any loose powder.:)



sorry i forgot to take my own pict so i stole rhonda's

thats the gel eyeliner and the swatchie !i got one in brown shade

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, distilled water, green tea extract, Beeswax, emulsifying wax, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, shea oil, sunflower oil, vit.E, lecithin,candellila wax, cornstarch, myristyl myristate, sorbitol, xanthan gum, kaolin, mineral blend, potassium sorbate, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, mica, grapefruit seed extract, lav. essential oil

 what i like:
-easy to smudge (using brush)

-it smudges after  5 hours (well not that bad for natural gel liner rite?)



Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter,Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Shea oil, Rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, naturagard(glyceryl monocaprylate),essential oils.

im not sure whether it works or not because you know the secret is to drink enough water and get enough sleep.i dont know its my sleep or this balm that helps.hehe

-the smell,smells like ginger for me.hehe
-double function ( mineral powder concealer doesnt work for me,but if u use this ad top with powder concealer,perfect coverage !)



yeay !finally !my 1st





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