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my first review attempt :Erzulie

tell me if i did something wrong

about Erzulie Cosmetics

Erzulie Cosmetics in another amazing, all-natural, mineral line from Progress In Health, Inc. This particular line is energetically formulated, and blended with the emerging Goddess Energy now flooding the planet. Developed for women who are wise about their health, seek all natural alternative to chemically-laden cosmetics, and want to bring out & enhance their own inner beauty. As with all Progress In Health products, Erzulie Cosmetics are not just skin temporarily hide flaws, or cake the face with color. The mineral, rich formulas repair the skin, soothe and nourish, and help you look beautiful whether you're wearing makeup or not!

Rhonda Demars, the CEO, Founder & Formulator of Progress In Health, has a dedicated background in all-natural ingredients. As a Certified Nutritionist, Rhonda quickly came face to face with a growing problem in this country of "Chemical Sensitivity" that effects overall health in severe and debilitating ways. Rhonda didn't see an untapped market, but as a growing, segment of the population in dire need of all-natural alternative products. Calling on her own personal interests in nature, health-care, and beauty...she set to work developing Erzulie Cosmetics. Since then, she was increased the Progress In Health line to include: Progress ™, a professional-grade, mineral skincare line.

"I am an experienced all natural cosmetic formulator, and holistic nutritionist. My passion for makeup started when I was a little girl and has continued to be the driving force of creativity and joy in my life. I feel it is my calling to make products with integrity and quality, that will not only be effective but also exceed expectations.

My original, all-natural formulations are the safest, most effective way of using mineral makeup. Recent studies have shown that breathing mineral powders directly into the lungs is extremely unhealthy, even in small amounts. The smallest mineral size that's safe for use in cosmetics is "micronized". We do not use any nano-particulates ever! Our original formulations are then blended in natural bases of organic oils, waxes, and plant butters, and then all natural pigments are added for color. From beginning to end all our products are made with integrity and skill, and a promise to provide the best all-natural skincare and cosmetics available on the market today!
All our holistic skincare products and color cosmetics are 100% all natural, paraben, synthetic silicone and bismuth-oxide free. All Truly from Nature...."

Rhonda is constantly in development on new products for all her lines, and she welcomes all feedback and suggestions. If there's a product you have been dying to see offered in an all-natural formulation...consider sending her an e-mail about it! Progress In Health is also working to offer more and more "Vegan-Friendly" products, and eventually move to a 100% recycled packaging for all our products. There's no standing still with Rhonda or this cutting-edge, earth friendly, nature loving, health conscious business!!!

ask for nars blushes dupes !!loll

their website

etsy store:

PERFECT MATCH™ Cream To Powder Mineral Foundation


jojoba oil ,beeswax,  tapioca powder,  rice powder,
sericite, carnauba wax, candellila wax, evening primrose oil , corn starch, shea butter, naturagard, squalane, emulisifying wax, vitamin e, mineral blend ,kaolin, grapefruit seed extract, iron oxides, ultramarine blue

its the rightmost one.i got the light shade and its wayy too light for me


-it gives dewy look
-SPF 25 !!
-medium to full coverage
-buildable layer
-staying power is awesome ( i used it in the morning after moisturizer,but because the shade was too light i tap some joppa foundation ,so full coverage,seriously i mean full coverage,and last me for more than 10 hours,no touch up,no blotting paper,i wanna see the staying power but i gotta sleep.LOL)


 -because its creamy texture,it cant deal with my fleaky post blemish i have to apply some powder,but if u are flawless or ur blemish scar isnt flaky,no problem for u.:)

PROGRESS™ Non-Comedogenic Mineral Concealer Sticks



Ingredients: jojoba oil,,evening primrose oil,beeswax,shea butter,candellila wax, carnauba wax, vitamin e, squalane, non gmo cornstarch, mineral blend, grapefruit seed extract, iron oxides.

the leftmost one is the concealer and the right one is erzulie liquid foundation in light medium

what i like
-non comedogenic
-nice coverage

-none (except i got the wrong shade AGAIN)


some tips for y'all,using  ANY sort of liquid/creamy concealer for undereye cause eye makeup to smudge so dont forget use any loose powder.:)



sorry i forgot to take my own pict so i stole rhonda's

thats the gel eyeliner and the swatchie !i got one in brown shade

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, distilled water, green tea extract, Beeswax, emulsifying wax, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, shea oil, sunflower oil, vit.E, lecithin,candellila wax, cornstarch, myristyl myristate, sorbitol, xanthan gum, kaolin, mineral blend, potassium sorbate, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, mica, grapefruit seed extract, lav. essential oil

 what i like:
-easy to smudge (using brush)

-it smudges after  5 hours (well not that bad for natural gel liner rite?)



Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter,Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Shea oil, Rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, naturagard(glyceryl monocaprylate),essential oils.

im not sure whether it works or not because you know the secret is to drink enough water and get enough sleep.i dont know its my sleep or this balm that helps.hehe

-the smell,smells like ginger for me.hehe
-double function ( mineral powder concealer doesnt work for me,but if u use this ad top with powder concealer,perfect coverage !)



yeay !finally !my 1st






Dina (XYYan) said...

you did a great review! where did buy these Erzulie products?

btw, gw liat di blognya Denysia u ada kirim lotion ke dia ya? boleh ya? :D

xphoebelinax said...

thanks for the very detailed review doll! :D you did such a great job! i'm looking forward to more reviews! :D

amynaree said...

wow nice reviews!!the mineral foundation makes your skin look flawless

adin_22 said...

great review.....are everything from etsy??

Toothfairy said...

Tagged you vanilla dear!!!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Great job on the reviews, sweetie! :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

oh, i'm going to send toner don't know if it's okay or not...

melanie said...

Love the review! It makes me want to try this brand! Your skin looks so pretty with the foundation on. :)

lindah said...

aww, too light! That sucks. Maybe you could put on some bronzer? But I don't really like brown eyeliner, it's too natural.. LOL xD

Sylvia said...

Your skin looks great with the makeup!

Iyah said...

eventhough its light on you, you still look great with it :D dewy indeed :)

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

thanks darl :) your blog is so cute! thanks for the lovely reviews too <3


witoxicity said...

I love reading reviews. I think you did a great job in this review! I'm curious about the products now. :)

Do check out my blog if you have the time.

acutelife said...

where did you buy them all? are they available in Jakarta?

Pop Champagne said...

lovely review!! I think it was very detailed! and man your skin always look so flawless regrding to what foundation you use...

and totally agree with you that jennifer garner is very.. bla. hey celebrities have no righ tto look ugly considering how much $ they got! ;)

Ida said...

love your review!! :D i your skin looks great in your fotd. what shade of foundation and concealer did you get? my foundation was too light aso, but my concealer in medium is just right. i want to try the eye depuffer balm too :)

Ahleessa said...

Wow you reviewed a lot in one post!!! I hardly can do that. I'm too lazy to review more than one... lol~ :X Thanks again for the review! :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, that leopard pring 'thing' I was wearing is really supposed to be a top, but I guess if I wanted to I could wear it as a dress XD LOL yea, I'm short! haha

~Lisa said...

Great reviews. I want to try out this all natural brand now =] Hope I'll get the right shade, LOL =P

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