Sunday, November 1, 2009

tag awards+a piece of me in november

 i think i got tagged for this award a couple time and i thought i had done this but i havent !hahha now i just realized,so let me do this tag

got tagged by pretty princess livia
haha so mabe this is the 4th time i got tagged and i just realized that i havent done
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1.i love THE SIMS !lol. or should i sawy i was kind of addicted? i love designing the house and make bro always tell me how creative AND weird i i recreate desperate housewives'

2.i wanna see seaworlds around the went to seaworld couple days ago,will post video n pict

3.i am in a GREAT mood now ! (what?) loll. i have never been in a good mood for months,so its a big deal.yeayy !!!!! so happy !

4.i am preparing my next giveaway and i got sponsors for my giveaway ! yeayy !!

5.lately i have been a mad  semi bargain shopaholic,loll,i hv been online on nordstrom,forever21,macys,dooney,hobo and im a lil too embarassed to admit that i have to send all those orders to amy's house,ohhh i love you amy !!loll planning to buy new laptop with great cam so i can make current cam real sucks.wait a sec,i try to take a changed my mind,my cam makes me look english sucks but i really dont care.BAHAHHAHAHHAH.its like 450 bucks in the US and 700 bucks in jakarta.grrr.btw its a bargain,u shud get one too ! HP Compaq has great cam and big memory storage and compare the price to vaio please !i know vaio has cute colors,from purple,red to beige !no !but its double the price !lol

7.i just realized when im in a good mood,i talk too much ,well in this case i write too much.lolll


next,this game from
wait is this a game?lol

i like:going to new place,doing fun stupid and spontaneous thing and laugh my *ss real hard.lolll

i don't like: people who spread unhappiness around,just keep it to yourself,why spread it around?its not like i have never been unhappy,i just dont spread it around to ruin everybody else's day.

i want you to know: i envy u girls,i really wanna go to the US just to go to six flags,macys,nordstrom,walmart,walgreen and sephora (i know singapore got sephora but come one,its tiny and they mark up the price real crazy !)

i've planned: hehe its just a plan but i hv planned to move out,wish me luck,i mean really BIG

i want to say to someone special:my dad.i LOVE you so much,i will try my best to make you happy and proud,maybe im not ur fave daughter and i never tell u that i love you but really wish i can take all ur pain away and make this world a better place for u because u deserve better.(grrr im at dunkin donuts now with my tears ,what a drama queen.lollllllll)


MelRoXx said...

Thankyou so much! I think you didn't see this ...

Anyways, I loved the way you did the game! awesome!

yoli said...

nice blog

Calia Yang said...

thanks for sharing a part of yourself!! and don't worry walmart and six flags are over rated LOL well i think it depends on the person. I'm not too fond of 6flags here in Atlanta, GA. maybe if I went to another 6flags it might be better than the one here. *hugs* BEST OF LUCK WITH THE MOVE!!! let us know when and how it goes!

sssdawna said...

congratulations on your award!! im glad you're happy and in good spirits, can't wait for your giveaway = ]

Toothfairy said...

yay! you did the game! :)
yes it's a game! haha
Now we have to keep it up every month! haha

Wanna wish you gooood luck moving out! I think you'll actually love it in the end, as you'll have your own place! :)


Pop Champagne said...

and yes I was very wasted that night, I got kicked out of the club at 1am LOL. too much tequila...

Pop Champagne said...

hehe when I'm in a good mood I talk a lot too... and yeah I got issues with bargin shopping lately too. Like forveer 21 is having free shipping till the end of the day today so I ordered a bunch of stuff HAHAHA. Thanks for the compliment on my lady gaga look btw!

Dina (XYYan) said...

i love the sims too! can play it all day long when i'm addicted... lol..

Lisa Kate said...

Siiiiimmmmsss!!! Oh my god, I'm such an addict, but I can't play it on my laptop :( So sad! Have you played Sims 3 yet? I want it so bad!!

Thanks for the award doll!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for tagging me! I'm so flattered. :)

I'm sorry to hear you weren't in a good mood for some time. I'm also glad to hear you're in a great mood right now!... wheee~ :) If you ever need someone to listen to you, I have big ears... hehe~

You're so lucky you got sponsored. Nobody sponsors me... lol~ :X

Jbreezybaby said...

thank you hun for the comment! yes i had fun while i was there and looking at the bento box makes me drool again!

Midtown Girl said...

Congrats on the award darling!!

And I'm thinking of getting a new lappy with a camera too - it's just necessary at this point right?!


~Lisa said...

Congratz on the award!

I love Sims too! *high five* LOL

MiuMiu said...

i loovee seaworld! or any aquarium for that matter. the one i wanna go to the most is in japan where they supposedly have like 2 whale sharks hehe
i envy those in the states as well..all those good shops!!

lindah said...

Yes make some videos! I want to see some videos :) I didn't get to make that video for you because.. well I can't find my tripod and you can't see crap with my webcam! ahha :D and SHAMU has been dead since wayyyyy before I was born T_T I'm so sad!

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