Monday, November 16, 2009

welcome to my new blog !!

for some reason,well its because i dont want my blog to appears on google search because one day im gonna have a job and i dont want my coworkers to read my blog,its just for us girls !lol

btw i just found out that its actually kinda dangerous to post our picts online.:(

see this pict below

how irresponsible people turn the picture into

I laugh my *ss off real hard !!
cheers !


Calia Yang said...

IT'S SO MEAN TO LAUGH - but you just can't help it!! poor guy - my brother in law looks like him but a tad bit thinner. YAY so glad for your new blog!!

Pop Champagne said...

OMG that is so funny!!

yeah that is the exact reason I got off facebook and everything else, I don't want my managers at work to find incriminating pictures of me!!

and Leighton Meester is hot, haha I got her body type so goooo for girls with smaller boobs! LOL

acutelife said...

HAHHAHAHAHA....that sure cracked me up! poor boy ^^" so, you stick to your original plan and change the blog huh??

lindah said...

haha.. omg poor dude though :( Maybe he should become more photogenic! LOL

Daituf said...

Although...poor kid...

Midtown Girl said...

This was pure hilariousness!! Loved the imagery - LOL!


IamNoOne said...

Pity for the kid.

Following your blog.

Blovet Beauty said...

so funnnyyy!

Tabula Rasa,,, said...

Very funny photoshops, but poor kid, probably didn't even know he was being photo'd at the time.

Pacstar said...

LOL funny!

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