Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SIMS 3+ hauls+shoes lemming.loll

on my last post i mentioned sims and looks like many of u also LOVE are printscreen of SIMS 3.i dont play this anymore because i actually love their expansion packs and i dont think they are available yet.:(
and i think u can only install this on PC not lappie
so here we go

my bathroom,yeah i got audio player in the bathroom,its a must for me !!haha.and the window hahahah well make sure its not see through.loll

u can see i love windows.haha.coz its still the original one,not many choices of furniture which is the crucial part for me.grrr.hehehe

anddd.... u can actually visit ur neighbour  by clicking on their house and u can see ur sim running !loll
sometimes when the neighbour is out,u cant visit their house but u can do this

fishing on thei pond !haha or sit on their bench,anything  outside their house !lol

when you want to go somewhere,if its close you automatically walk,if its far,FREE cab appears wherever you are.hahahha.even you can buy cars and BIKES !

going to teh beach to fish !

random people you see anywhere,your neighbour bella is reading a book by the beach !lol

even they got cemetery and u can work here ,even teens can do part time !
actuallly tehy got hospital,when u give birth u can go to the hospital,tehy got spa,city council,fastfood resto,bookstore,cinema,stadium,military base !!!always something to do here !hehehe

as for the conversations,see u can compliment their house and they can react by saying "blah blah thinks bleh bleh is boring "

what the f* i can even fish on a swimming pool???loll
maybbe its me being stupid in real life.hahahha

 anyone play sims 3?what do u think?hehehhe

first face shop masks.i really dont understand,was it just my bad luck or this kinda mask doesnt work?lol.i use lancome clay mask,u know the one u apply like a cream and dries on ur skin ones?i think it works better.these sheets mask are just too hard to

my 1st hair straightener or curler,still dunno how to use this tho.bahahaha.and faceshop false lashes !im trying to learn to use it !yeay !hehehe
and some fragrances.seriously the Guess? one smells vanilla which i LOVE and it wasnt that expensive,i wonder how much it costs in the US?its around 67 bucks here.must be lot cheaper over there.loll


eekk !the black boots is jessica simpons boots on sale at nordstrom for 99 bucks !shud i get this ??lol.there is no 4 seasons in indonesia,would it be weird if i wear this with jeans !??lol.i seriously know its weird,in the name of the  'COOLNESS',i would ignore the 'WEIRDNESS'.lets just follow the falll/winter trend and OKAY the boots please???loll
midtown girl showed her loubies that leads me to and i cant help but drooling all over these pretty loubies !u know i dont have to tellu which one,hello red soles?lol.
for the loubies,i wud just really drool and KILL for those !lolll


oOchaOo said...

i have sims 3 too! :) i got excited at first but im not playing it anymore now heehee. i wish they could go inside the cinema and restaurants, etc.

&& ooohh im loving the black boots!

Laura Gerencser said...

Love the shoes!

Dina (XYYan) said...

i played the sims 3 too, but got bored with it just for 1 week... haha... but definitely will play it with it's expansion pack...

i just bought 3 TFS masks too! :D

yeah, it sucks that we're not having 4 seasons... i've been lemming for boots too, but knowing it'll be very weird to wear them in this hot country, i keep it in mind.. but maybe one day i travel to another country when it's fall or winter, i'll definitely grab one!! lol

Aralka said...

Do you like The Sims 3?
When I have time I play it a lot.
Sometimes I play it for many hours!
But now I have not enough time...

Fifi said...

Sims 3 is great, I have stopped playing though, or else it'll take over my life. lol

Nice boots!

Lisa Kate said...

I *almost* want to buy a normal computer just for Sims 3!! I agree with you on the expansions though, thats totally where its at!

I'd say buy those gorgeous boots!

amynaree said...

i'm a big fan of the sims 3, i like going around having babies to see what they look like lol!!

yeah sheet masks only give temporary effects and it's just fun to do, it's not going to compare to lancome's clay mask that is definitely more potent!

Pop Champagne said...

hahahaha you are soooo funny!! I used to play the sims too, but then it got too complicated. i made my guy to be a doctor, but it got too much work cuz you gotta keep them happy, keep the right firends... then its like real life HAHAHAHA I used to play Sim City A LOT, I was obsessed with that game more than the sims :D

Babybubblz said...

yes to the boots! i love that type of heel. they are a bit high for everyday use...but they will be a staple!

adin_22 said...

like the boots but I keep on accumulating stuff which I don't wear anyways....cuz' I'm too lazy to wear heels but I love getting it....and I love anything that smells vanilla too

Toothfairy said...

dude, I was so into sims that I downloaded a lot of stuff on the internet for my "house"... the same with simcity! it's so much fun haha... haven't played for a while already, the blog is taking so much time!


~Lisa said...

I have Sims 2 but I can't play it or computer doesn't have enough system or display memory....=[ But I played at my cousins house and got addicted!!!

LOL! You can fish in a swimming pool? And that's so stalker-ish...sitting on your neighbors porch at night?? *wolf howls*

And the boots look great! You should get it if you really like it. Who knows? You might go somewhere cold..^.^

Aralka said...

Hi ^^
But ... what is this expansion pack? You mean extra game for The Sims 3? Like The Sims vacation, The sims pets etc?

xphoebelinax said...

oh my gosh when i first got my sims 3, i was an OBSESSED child, beyond belief! haha i love those games :P

love the blog! :D

lindah said...

have you "woo-hoo" yet on sims 3?!?! :D ahha I remember my boyfriend's little sister had to woo hoo like 10 times a day.. @_@!! like omg, that's a lot!

Sarah said...

Ohhhh thankyou SOOOO much for the award :) You are the sweetest!!!!! I've already gotten this one but thankyou so much!!!!!! :D
Omg those shoes are to die for.... oh how I wish could click clack around in some red soled beautys!!!

Midtown Girl said...

You can never go wrong with Loubies...

Except when you buy the wrong size like me - LOL!!

Loving your picks darling!


Ida said...

I used to play The Sims a lot! The new version looks great. And omg, I love those shoes!!! Those loubies look beautiful.

Zoe said...

I never play sims 3 but I'll check it now, ha ha ha..thanks for recommendig, The Face Shop masksdidn't work for u?I never tried them but always heard great things about them...The shoes look so pretty~

Stacieee said...

LOL I use to LOVE the sims when it first came out~ and then I got bored of it. And those boots are gorgeous!! You should totally get them~ but then again I love Jessica Simpson everything. lol

jehan said...

hi Vanilla! thanks for visiting my blog. wow, your blog is better than mine... i can't even beautify it, haha... btw, i'm from the Philippines and I live here in Korea with my husband. i actually find it hard to buy korean cosmetics products since their shades here are limited to fair skinned. poor me, not dark but not fair enough skinned, haha... hope to read more from you... i'll definitely come back for more...

Jbreezybaby said...

i haven't tried sims 3. It looks awesome tho! thank you hun for the sweet comment! I laughed when i realized she unfollowed and unfriend me from facebook right after she sent that message. I really don't care and I tried to avoid drama! I wish I can lay out more details to prove how bitter she really is but I can't because that give a clue who she is and Im not that kind of person ;) But yes,I really don't give a crap hehe. Have a great day hun!

Crystal said...

i like playing sims too! haha i never did the ambrosia thing though. i just turned off the aging.

acutelife said...

lolz sweetie, I cant for anything wear boots in Indo, not with that kind of weather...what's wrong with all the cute sandals you guys there are privileged to wear all year round there??ahaha I have to hide my toes most of the year and would love to flaunt those sandals.
btw, yes gemology is a study for gemstones, incl. diamonds. You can ask me questions of course, fire away! ;)

twinsouls888 said...

whoah nice hauls & I luv luv the shoes ^_^

April said...

OMG ... I used to LOVE palying Sims! It has been so long since I have played, but it was awesome to be able to design the houses!
And those boots ... girl, I hope you went out and got those!! Those are way hot - maybe I need a pair, too! :o) One day I will own a pair of Louboutins. Consider it a life goal! Ha, ha!
Thanks so much for following my blog ... your site is way too cute!! xoxo

audrey said...

i love so much Sims 3, my favourite game^^

FriendzCentury said...

Get the black Jessica Simpson boots, they'll look fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans tucked in.
Oh Loubies...don't get me started LOL...I love shoes!!

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