Tuesday, December 29, 2009

finally..+happy new year guys

LMAO i have had nothing to post anymore.
yesterday i went to the PO to pick up 3 boxes from amynaree and another box from etsy.
can u imagine how happy i was.LOL.after all this time browsing thru macys,nordstrom,f21,charlotte russe,they are all finally here.thanks amy !

these are just some MU related stuff,the rest are secret


wondering why i never have OOTD post?coz this is my typical outfit.everyone is so stylish here in singapore,well some is stylish,some has style,ummm not in a good way.loll.i used to love being stylish,but u know what it means?always going thru ur closet everytime u go out and try 6 different combination,get stressed out and messy closet.am i rite??lol
so here i am,tee and jeans standing on the bathtub.LOL.no full body mirror at my place

christmas in singapore,all decorations and so freaking crowded.staying home is the best.lol

OMG cant believe its 2010 soon !
wish everythings gonna be better in 2010 for all of us !
cant wait to start 2010 with trevi PM,yeahhhh...my friend is coming to town and i can use his pasport to claim tax refund
really cant wait !


Zoe said...

Wow, those are lots of stuff^^
I love ur style it's pretty~u have moved to Singapore?
Happy New Year in advance^^

Fifi said...

oh wow, big haul yea?
happy new year to you too!
I like the bag you're carrying ;)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

happy new year verna =)

Sherry said...

your bath tub so nice :) mine shower stand

sizbelle said...

hmm you make me so curious about whats in those boxes!

great idea, why din i thought of dragging my fren to LV for purchase and claim GST..

xphoebelinax said...

i always LOVE getting packages! makes me beyond happy! :D happy holidays doll! :)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

mine is just a little lower than you. you should have checked the last link, some of the girls got more than a thousand! im sure you too !

Diane said...

Hey no fair now, I want to see what's in the big boxes! Hehe =P

Being stylish is great, but there's nothing better than a girl who can pull off looking great in a t-shirt and jeans. love your OOTD!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey, good idea to do that and get a refund hehehe! :) Lovely goodies you got...too bad the rest is a secret. :P

You look so cute in your OOTD. You have great hair. :D

~Lisa said...

Wow! So many packages ^.^ And that's the way I dress everyday too, LOL. Far too lazy to try and dress stylish =/ In fact, it's even hard to dress casual because it's soo cold in Toronto =[

amynaree said...

haha it's so funny all 3 boxes arrived to u at the same time but i sent it all at different times!

cute ootd! hope you enjoy playing with new goods

Shop N' Chomp said...

Are my posts not showing up on Dashboard? You have so much hair, you will not be going bald! :P

adin_22 said...

lots of goodies....I try to be stylish...but always end up on simple clothing....

Happy New Year Verina....

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Happy New Year!

coffretgorge said...

Whoa thats a lot of goodies! you must have been so happy toting those boxes hahaha! Happy new year hun!

Dina (XYYan) said...

do show what's inside the boxes! LOL
love the your bag!

acutelife said...

Spore must be so beautiful for christmas and also so packed (mostly with indonesian I believe ^^") but yes, staying home is the most comfortable way to pass the new year hahaha...
love your hauls!

Bombchell said...

i know cant believe '10 is right around the corner!!! this yr went by so fast. love the outfit

Toothfairy said...

omg look at all your packages!!! loooove packages... :P

Happy nye!

You're featured in my latest post:


Katrina M said...

oooh packages!!! dont they just make u all excited! hehehe!!

thanks for stopping by my blog! i appreciate some love from all the way from singapore!!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

you really do reminds me of my cousin so charming

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