Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am not dead,yet

LOL i havent been MIA also,i just havent update my blog coz i got my sony cam and the card reader but all sony memory card needs their own tiny card reader which i didnt bring along and if im not mistaken its not sold separately. >.<

anywhoo,i love my new place. :)
and moving in to new place gives excuses to shop a lot since i left so many things behind. :P
also got some Sasa haul since this mall across my place has Sasa. haha how lucky i am,always mall across my place.well back home it was seriously 2 minutes walk to get inside the mall and 30 seconds walk to get to the

btw im having blogsale/swap up sometime around januari,i guess?i have so many abandoned babies here.:)

well enough with my boring post,will figure out how to upload pict to my laptop

take care


Laura Gerencser said...

Thats horrible about your camera!

amynaree said...

haha i would be going to sasa every day if it was across the street!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee...good to know you are still alive. :P Lucky you for having a Sasa so close by!!

Bombchell said...

sorry bout the cam

Dina (XYYan) said...

wow, you are so lucky to have a mall near you again!

adin_22 said...

wow...I'm jealous....I would to live near a Mall with sasa on it...hehe

acutelife said...

Glad to see your updates!! :) i'd be shopping like mad if sasa was just across the street

maryj0lisa said...

hi val,

my MUA id is maryj0lisa, there's also a link to my profile on one of my previous entries. Im currently away from home holidaying in malaysia and then vietnam until jan. we can organise the swap then?

lmk (sorry i had to reply here, idk where else..)

I loev singapore, hope u are enjoying yourself there


xphoebelinax said...

omg you lucky duck! if i had sasa across the road from me... i'd be broke, seriously... :P

glad you like the new place! :D

Blair said...

sasa is a wonderful shop!! ;D

Dina (XYYan) said...

lol! you always got so many love packs too :D
i was invited to secret santa by email...

xphoebelinax said...

hiya honey!

the dr. g bb cream is good but i know a lot people won't like it because it is pretty thick in consistency.. i like it because it has super coverage in my opinion.. if you've tried the skin79 hot pink bb cream, the consistency is like that :D

Pop Champagne said...

omg you live by Sasa? I'd be sooo broke if I live across a Sasa. I'd just get them to directly deposit my paycheque to sasa LOL! hopefully you're settled in well, take some pics of your new place! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yep, cheap ears are definitely a good thing! XD I hope I can be like you and wear any earring I want someday. ;)

lindah said...

lucky you live right near the mall!!! You're just too lucky, I hate driving LOL but then I'm so bored I needa do something ^_^

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