Wednesday, December 2, 2009

blogger meetup with dina+ package from amy :P

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wanna introduce u to dina !!tho probably most of u have known her too !hehe
we met two days ago and we spent 8 hours together!LOL
u know us girls can spend 8 hours chit chatting and shopping and i think 8 hours wasnt enough

we didnt actually take any picture when we were having lunch!geez !we had steak and i remember to take the picture when we were already halfway and just now i accidentally deleted it.LOL

in this picture we were in zara fitting room,i got one top then we pick a top randomly just to get inside and take picture.:P

we spend eight hours together,just lunch,shopping,yoghurt,shopping, and sit somewhere else and gossiping about YOU GUYS,yeah,its you sizbelle,adin,lisa,julie,amy,summer,etc.LOL
dont worry,no bad mouth,we were talking about how wonderful u guys are!i swear!hehehhe
see the picture what we wear,tee,brown leather bag,jeans,flip flops,watch,BANGS and haircut !hehe

tutti frutti yoghurt,i didnt know we were supposed to fill the cup ourselves and weight tem at the cashire.DAMN the kiwis were so heavy !

love pack dina got for me.see that skull thingie,yeah its a sanitary pad !LOL.i doubt i will ever use it.see i got skull sanitary pad !hahahahha

when i got hime,a package from amy was waiting for me !
she has been such sweet heart,i got all my hauls,from macys,sephora,nordstrom,jc penney,hobo,forever21,charlotte russe,anything else that i dont remember has been sitting in her closet !lol
this december amy gonna send all those for me,new place,new stuff,i cudnt be happier !!LOL
these are just beauty related haul and look at the postcard !i love it !hehe and i love what she wrote!
im so glad to meet u too amy !one day we have to meet in person!
me also really wanna go to the states so bad!!maybe im gonna shop like crazy,i need a private jet for my hauls!LOL
well thats only if all expenses paid
*crossing finger*
stupid wish !lol



niiice haul clinique is always needed hehe

Dina (XYYan) said...

i was going to post it yesterday but too busy. will post it later :D
i still remember that you're curious about the cloth pad, so i included it. haha..

Zoe said...

That's a very cute picture of u and Dina..Amy is such a sweetheart , she is really a great blogger buddie^^.

Rita *Lala* said...

wow... i didn't notice yet! but I love your new layout! sooo cute and adorable!

Fifi said...

Oooh nice! You guys look really cute! Lol
I wish we had Zara in Jogja. We don't really have good malls in here. I'd love to go to Jakarta again but I can't stand the horrible traffic (although Jogja feels a lot more crowded too lately).

Well, anytime you want to visit The City of Students, holler to me!! Would love to meet other Indonesian bloggers too! :D

Diane said...

Nice haul, aww you guys look so cute, glad you had fun!

Kym said...

you better have been talking about how wonderful we are! hahaha! jk jk... how FUN! its DINA!! hi dina! i wanna do a blogger meet up too someday! :)

adin_22 said...

you both look so pretty & you look like sisters...hehe...

I'm greatly honored to be part of the wonderful people...hehe...but I hope it was really good things you were gossiping about...hehe...kidding...

I think everyone loves amy...she's such a sweet person & she's one of the best...

amynaree said...

You guys look so cute, I like your make up in the photo! hehe Blogger meet up sounds so fun, I wish I lived close by you guys haha cuz I love food, shopping, and gossip as well!

The skull pad looks interesting hehe

I'm so glad the package arrived safe and sound, I was so afraid it was going to get lost!!

If you get a private jet one day don't forget to take me with you around the world haha

Pop Champagne said...

yeah I don't use pads and even if I do I'd use disposible ones for my washing machine sake I think... lol. Clinique is one of my favourite brands, they got great stuff for people with oily skin :D And so jealous that you met up with Dina, I want to hang with you too! And her! ahh one day I'll travel and meet you hopefully :D

Melissa said...

how cool! I've always wanted to meet other bloggers in person. Glad you guys had a good time !

LOLanne said...

awww youre soo cute :) and LOL @ the pad with the skulls hahaha


Shop N' Chomp said...

You two look so cute! Love the matching BANGS! *^_^* So cool that you were able to meet up and have a great time gossiping about :P Ok, I believe you when you say it was only good things. ;)

I am giggling at the skull sanitary pad. Maybe you should try it once and let us know how you like it...hee hee. Dina and Amy are such sweethearts!!! Love you all!

Dina (XYYan) said...

LOL, so you ate again when you got home?

the Etude one is pretty cheap actually just around IDR70000. you know, from the seller we talked about. :D

lindah said...

aww so cute :D You have a really nice figure! (not trying to sound like a lesbo LOL) and man a skull pad? O_O I would've never guessed! xD I haven't tried frozen yogurt or anything yet.. I need to find a good place where they have it! ^_^

Let's go crash parties with your privet jet :P

adin_22 said...

aww...thank you...I hope to meet u & dina one day!!

acutelife said...

Aw what a meet up! I just read from Dina's blog that you're going to spore :0 when are you leaving??

Toothfairy said...

I've read about the meet up on dina's blog already, but no pics there! I love it that you girls had this meet up, I doubt it that I can have that with another blogger, as I'm in the Netherlands, and my dutch readers are usually my friends already haha!


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

You know what?? I just read this post for the second time and I realized that you two look like sisters together in that pic! ^^ you girls must be having fun.. =) I wish we could held an event for all Indonesian beauty bloggers, haha.. ^^ that'd be super FUN!! now all we have to do is to find a sponsor, haha..

Summer Darling said...

Glad u girls had a good time :) bad mouth me???hehehehe joking...i'm sure 8 hours is not enough..hahaha..woman have tons to see,shop eat and talk isnt it...

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