Monday, September 14, 2009

swap with Amy Naree !

yeayy ! after a super tiring and fun day hanging out with my friend,i came home and found this package in front of my room !yeayy !hehe.when i was on my way,i kept hoping that the package is waiting for me.lolll
FYI:this my first swap with AmyNaree

the custom opened and repackage the package.nothibg is missing yeah Amy??heheh

cute card !hehehe

omg lip fusion !i was thinking i wanna either get lip fusion or lip fusion xl !loll
and sally hansen,will compare later !hehehhe
well i tried lip fusion last nite and now i can see my lips are plumped !loll

i love the serum but i havent tried the roller.loll.i had some roller but my sist keep borrowing
YSL lippie ,smudge brush and smashbox liner

yeay how do u know im looking for new skincare products?hehehe
mascaras !yeayy ! cant wait to put them on !lolll

thanks a lot Amy !
cant wait to do another swap !
ps:Amy told me she can be my shopper !OMG i love u !loll
oh,u sent liquid,how come i cant send liquid?grrrrr


amynaree said...

Oh yay! i'm glad you finally received my package, so how long did that take... like 1 week right? not so bad for First Class lol

Nothing is missing! Thank goodness.. since you told me about the liquid thing I thought they might take the serum out because it's liquid, but glad they didn't ..well hope you will enjoy all the goodies :D have fun playing with them

adin_22 said...

Wow...Nice swap.....BTW, I tagged & awarded u....

ONiC said...

oh cute stuff :]

oOchaOo said...

cool swap :) lots of pretty items heehee
oh i just followed you heehee. <3
see you around!


Toothfairynotes said...

nice swap! really cool!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Great swap goodies,hun! =) Amy's a sweetheart.

lindah said...

I tell them there's no liquid in it but there is LOL so I'm a really bad person. Fortunately nothing of mine has gotten rejected. But yay you got some american stuff :D

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