Friday, September 11, 2009

kreativ award.:) and 7 things

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tagged by dina,thanks hun!follow her blog,she lvoes etsy too !bahahahha
well im bad at explaining things.hehehhe.well 7 things

1. i dont follow trend,in fact,i think i hate anything 'IN' at the moment,like most people go crazy for MAC,i never want to try Indonesia,like MOST people use blackberry,tho i may find the internet feature REALLY useful,there is no way i want to use blackberry,its just a huge turn off.hehehe

2.i think im failing my No Buy Project .lolll.not yet thoo

3.i love swapping !hahah coz i love shopping and receiving package?lolll

4.i have this list in my mind,THINGS TO DO BEFORE U DIE like travelling to some places and doing some other stuff which im going to write down soon and see if i can accomplish my mission.loll

Hydropolis Dubai,seriously how can you say NO?actually i know how u can say no,the lowest rate for a room is USD5000/night,yes,now you can say it still under construction?but seriously,look at the picture,can you say NO?i wanna work there!hehehe.the gonna build another one in China too.
the famous Bora-Bora,seriously,how can you say NO?if im not mistake its Le Meridien resort?hehehe

rodeo drive.lmao....just curious,coz its famous.xp
and wanna get some fatty burger from in N out.lmao...hehehehee

six flags ! noo i shud go there before i get old and shock myself to death in one of their ride.lollll a OMNIVORE,i eat like a horse,well at least i WOULD eat like a horse but if i dont watch my eating habit,i'll be HUGE like an elephant,so i have to control myself.BAHAHAHHAHHAAHA spontaneous and love doing crazy things.lolll.mostly embarassing tho,but its okay coz i only do those stuff with my buddies,so its really fun and tons of laugh so nothing to lose..hahahahaha.. addicted to etsy ! the makeups and cute bags,the jewelries are so cute but i dont wear much jewelries,so i'd pass
one of my all time fave store in etsy is , u should check them out !i got promo codes too,just email me !hehehe
the all natural face haul arrived 3 days ago
the picture really sucks huh?more on later !heheheheh


Emily said...

wah~ u got great pics!!!

i wish i can go those places too

hahaha going to six flags, looks fun but a bit scary :p

such a fun tag

and congrats on your award! your blog is really creative! :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

i do love etsy.. hehe..

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thank you hun for the award! I did this tag recently on my blog. Check it out when you can. :)

That room in Dubai is crazy cool looking...WOW!

amynaree said...

in and out burger is really good! you have to try one day :D

Blair said...

Thank you for this award =D

What? Nooo... you can't fail the no buy!

Sassy Scribbles said...

yup! six flags is a must try before you get old and ...yeah shock yourself to death! haha the Superman is the best ever in the world!!!I think the ride only lasts 59 seconds but it's one 59 seconds you'll never forget! 'crazyy is highest 60 degree huge drop!!!

congrats on your award!!! how lucky are we to receive one like this, this month!^^

stay cool.

Mona said...

yay for you award and thank you for passing it onto me <3

that is indeed the meridien at bora bora. you should check out the huts at the st.regis in bora bora!!

Pop Champagne said...

hehe I love etsy too!

Okay I'll start taking some pics of my hauls soon, well I'm going to toronto this week, so perhaps I'll find some good shopping there- shopping in Ottawa sucks! maybe thats why i never post pics of my haul LOL

and LOL to not using a blackberry- I use one cuz mine's free, else naw I'd never pay extra$50 just to have data! I'm usually around a computer anyways!

lindah said...

haha, I follow the trend! Well, not when it comes to fashion :P That's too expensive to keep up with ^_^

Eugenia said...

i want to go to those two hotels/resorts!! sooo awesome!

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