Tuesday, September 1, 2009

giveaway update+Amy !!

class finished early today so i walked to the post office to ship this package for AmyNaree coz evry1 was busy,and i cant drive alone,around 1 pm,turned out the post office closed 15mins earlier.lol.i knocked and show them my pity look,but didnt work,so im gonna ship tomoro.lol..
can u see my face is so shiny ,i was sweaty!lmaooooo

PS: my eyeko order hsnt arrived yet,its been more than three weeks,i contacted them but no replies,twice !

click on pict


lindah said...

congratulations on your followers :D and that sucks about the package! Doesn't that make you mad? This one day I went and found out they were closed already! I was so MADD >:(

Pop Champagne said...

hmm eyeko doesn't sound very nice even though their ads are everywhere on blogspot! Thanks for letting us know about their customer service!

Amanda K said...

That sucks!

rhaindropz said...

wow!!! there is a second prize!!!

-elle♡ said...

cute headbands!!

wow 3 weeks. & no reply. bad customer service><

Patty Ann said...

you are so generous!!! congrats on having such a great blog and reaching your followers goal!! you totally surpassed it by a lot! and you are so cute!! xx


Ahleessa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, as well as, following! :) I'm sorry to hear you missed the post office by 15 minutes. At least you know when they close so the next time it won't happen. :)

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