Saturday, September 19, 2009

stupid picts

went karaoke
i love karaoke,god !

none of the picts were pretty,none !

the next day,we went to our an empty space in this mall across my house,we used to hang out there but then it was closed using a barrier which i simply just walked by.loll.we kept gossiping and laughing until the security came.lmaoo


after all my friends went home,its me n my buddy left.lmaooo.i just figured something out.lmaoo
so we had these korean ice cream?


up until i was having my ice cream,mine is the green one anyway.i think i have some trouble with my cavity or somethin,so i cant bite ice cream coz it hurts,so i s*ck my ice cream,well nothing is wrong with that word,but i feel dirty to shout it out when i was having this ice cream,she giggled then laughed at me,i still didnt understand,then i slowly look at my ice cream,i was shocked,i didnt know she was so dirtyyyy !lol.well i dont have to censor this pict rite??nothing is wrong,unless u got dirty mind,like her !lolll

thanks god i had this ice cream with my buddy,i should never go on a date having this kind of ice cream,he'd think that im a tease,a dirty one !lolll

i have learnt my lesson



SweetShuGa said...

ohh karaoke..
i love karaoke too even though i can't

by the way, thanks for stopping by..
girl i hate my lips so much i don't like my natural lip color..too red i wish it was more paler. but thanks anyways ^_-

twinsouls888 said...

Wow the picture says it all, looks like you're really having fun ^_^

Have a nice day girl :)

Pammy said...

The ice cream thingie was funny. :P

janeuarymmiv said...

I love videoke also♥

yumyum for ice creams♥

amynaree said...

i love karaoke, it's so much fun! your pictures are cute and silly lol

Aralka said...

woow sounds like fun!
karaoke is great
i like singing

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee...what a cute funny pic! Looks like you all had a great time. :D

MilknCookiie said...

Omg, that melon ice cream is sooo good! Me and Milk always get it when we're near the japanese store that sells it. <3 I don't suck it, I kind of just "bend" it using my mouth (if that doesnt sound too wrong lol). xD

★ Cookiie

adin_22 said...

wow...I love that melon flavored ice cream.....and your pics looks like u had so much fun....:D

lindah said...

haha! I'm a pervert! I think I probably have the filthiest minds out of a lot of my friends! haha :) sounds&looks like you had fun though ^_^

PinkyKathy said...

Hello, I just have my blogsale please feel free to visit anytime. :)

catharina husada said...

I LOVE that pic when u and ur buddy have that korean ice cream :p

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