Saturday, September 5, 2009

ETSY !!jewel alchemy+mayaskalupi+bayanhippo

received this package three days ago before i go to my friend's place for sleepover.hehehhehe

saw their tinted lip balm and love the colors !ehhehehe

look at the colors !loll

left to right: Ananda Organic Vegan Bliss for your Lips in Kunzite--Rose Geranium--Padparascha
awatched,only slightly tinted.ehhehhe
not like what i expected but its okay and i love it,it feels really minty on my lips.loll
received it when i got home today.didnt expect any package coz i thought they dont deliver on saturday.heheh
never received anything from turkey before.hehehhe

look at the small details !really cute and made my day.loll

the picture doesnt do the justice,its actually red and gonna use it as everyday bag.hehehe

love this one too !hehehe

international shipping for only two
love it ! but its too small
my dictionary couldnt fit in.:(
maybe gonna use it for digicam !hehehe
i really love etsy ! hehehhe
got some old purchases that im too lazy to post,maybe later !ehhehehehe

btw onajewelry is having giveaway



Aralka said...

many cute things <3 I like them

Maya's Kalupi said...

Thanks again!
You can only put cards,cash in there,or cellphone maybe.Hope your digicam will fit.
Thanks again on your purchase and i'm happy that you liked it even if it's small :O)


adin_22 said...

cute pouch...I love etsy too...

lindah said...

I need a good book bag! I might just get a backpack afterall :P I wonder if those etsy people could design me a custom made one xD

amynaree said...

you got such cute stuff! i hope my package gets to you soon!

Pop Champagne said...

and hmmm can't leave comments??? I tried leaving one and it was successful... i'll investigate more in that later, thanks for letting me know!!

Pop Champagne said...

hehe etsy is great for stuff I recently made a few purchases on there as well :D and love the bags you got esp the blue stripe one!

Blair said...

What lovely packages from etsy!!!

Imo said...

I love receiving packages in the post. It makes me feel special LOL :D. I love the detailling very kitsch.

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a cute haul! Love Etsy! =)

Pop Champagne said...

haha yeah I don't understand how people think Tila is pretty either.. I mean in some angles she looks great, but if you look at her straight on she has a weird face!

Yeah I generally don't post my hauls... well as of late it's been really boring stuff like stuff for my house ie grass fertilizer, lawn cutter, toilet plunger etc... when I start buying fun things again I'll post them :)

Kat said...

I like that makeup purse!

ONiC said...

hallo verina, aku tau blog kamu dari blog nya amy. kamu beli postcard dimana sih? im dying looking for one. cari2 di toko buku nggak ada. terakhir aku beli di gramed PIm, itu dah setahun yang lalu. dan jauh banget dari rumahku. please please let me know hehe
thanks a bunch, princess :]

Dina (XYYan) said...

Hi Verina, I've got an award for u, pls check it out :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for following my jewelry blog!!

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