Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i havent been feeling well these past couple days so i was sitting in my room watching lenka's video then i feel dizzy like my body is moving and shaking and i was like ' man,what a headache !'
and its getting real, what?is this for real?then i heard my mum calling me,then i was like,okay,its earthquake !then we all run outside !loll.when we were outside,i could still feel my body keep shaking !
and everyone keep saying its probably tsunami,stay away from the beach,coz we live near the ocean.yeah what the heck,if we all meant to die,then just die already !loll
and i havent updated u guys with my new uni life !
its pathetic !!

listening&speaking class

like the listening and speaking class,seriously,i think its 3rd grade subject !
they ask us,what do we do when we meet people for the first time?
*complete silence*
i was still confused,why he asking such question and i said, hallo,how do u do?
okay and he asked,what else?
*complete silence* but i didnt want to answer the question,i dont wanna the only one answering questions,so either he answers himself or i do.loll.then some people start to answer.
then the listening part was small convo between 3 students and was repeated twice and still noone spoke up !


she ask us to write at least 100 words about us in Microsoft Words and do some aligning and stuff,i think its 5th grade subject,then movin on

i think it was liek 6th grade lesson and the class was very loud,not answering questions,but some guys shouting and joking around !! if we want to answer question,she asked us to raise our hand,i raised my hand already TWICE and she pointed at me twice but everytime someone else would just shout the answers

went to the post office again and they told me i couldnt ship any liquid stuff,i was like,its lipgloss and foundatio,they said that my package would be returned if they found out that i have liquid stuff in here !grrr
they said either its indonesian's custom or the US' custom
doesnt make sense !
so i opened the package agan and replace those stuff !

dana's giveaway ! click on pict !

Adin's giveaway,click on pict !


Lisa J. said...

Hi, just wanna tell you that the link to Adin's giveaway is broken :)

And your day in school sounds funny. :P

Dina (XYYan) said...

Yeah, i think the whole Jakarta got earthquake..

Pop Champagne said...

ya they told me i couldn't ship any liquid stuff, but most times they don't really ask anywyas, so now I just say that there's no liquid in them!

and your day in school sounds fun!

lindah said...

we had a tiny earthquake in texas this summer :D I barely even noticed.. LOL! and as for the foundie, I usually just lie because I always send nail polish and that's illegal :P I never get it sent back but then again, I send that stuff within the us ^_^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear about the earthquake. :( *hugs*

Emily said...

omg i hope ur alright?!!!

wow the class really sucks, sorry to hear that tho :( hope your alright...! so what is it, is it high school or college

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