Wednesday, October 14, 2009

visiting coca cola bottling+package from lotus palace

so yesterday we went to coca cala bottling outside jakarta.we were not allowed to take pict inside the factory.oh my god its huge inside and we can see the whole process from the bottle cleaning,labelling to packing.loll.well actually i can take pict if i want to but i dont wanna get kicked out so i didnt take any.hahaha

can u see that ?its a basketball court compared to the factory,if im not mistaken,its the biggest one in indonesia and they are trying to do something to be the biggest one in south east asia.i was kinda bored and sleepy so didnt pay much was actually for  technique industrial and IT student,me and m freindwere the only ones from literature department.hahahahhaha

in every corner of the building there are free drink for guests,i swear to god,the fridge was full when we came here.and i took a glance and waslike,free drink free drink ! but since nobody grab some,so i stay calm n cool but then someone start to grab one and everybody did sure the fridge holds more than 400 bottles

i grabbed three bottles !of course after i finish mine 1st !haha
i even heard this guy behind me saying he took 5 bottles !lollllll
it was a short visit and just because i get 3 free bottles means im gonna start to like coca cola ,dont try to buy me! hahahaha
i still dont like sodas !haha

teh package from Kath from Lotus Palace has finally arrived,i didnt expect it,didnt know it was super fast shipping !hehhe
see ,she got her own stamp (above) and card *(below)

haha i was still browsing for SPF and primer to grab on sephora FF sale but since she sent me this banila prime primer and spf 37 bb cream,shud try this maybe i'll use banilla instead !hehe
check out her blog here ( DO NOT hate me for showing her blog,her hauls and FOTDs are to-die-for)


Dina (XYYan) said...

how did you always get your package so fast? i still haven't got mine for months.. ada bayar bea cukai apa ga? trus langsung nyampe ke rumah?

btw, i don't think i can invite you to blogger swap, you can try
hope that helps... =)

Calia Yang said...

glad you had fun at the CC building. and THAT building IS huge!!! ^_^ free drinks are free drinks ehheehhe they never said there was a limit!! eheheheh i'm not a soda drinker either - i'll drink it once in a while...i love my water!!

love the lotus palace goodies you got!

Pop Champagne said...

Hey if you come over to Ottawa I'd def let you stay at my place!! :D I always want to visit a coca cola factory... I hear their recipee is very secretive.. like KFC. Mmm I love both! I want to swim in the coca cola tank LOL

amynaree said...

nice stuff! let me know how the banila primer works!

Toothfairy said...

nice goodies girl!

I've done your first tag! :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your Lotus Palace haul! :) And yay to free drinks and Coca Cola (my favorite soft drink)!

Shop N' Chomp said...

P.S I have never tasted Milo! Now, I am curious...haha... :)

~Lisa said...

Wow! What a HUGE factory!! I don't like sodas either...I hate the fizzy feeling you get in your nose LMAO!! But I did go to a chocolate factory and get free chocolate! MUAHAHA!

& What a cute packaging!! ^^

lindah said...

I thought I was going to die today because they didn't have any water in the machine! (only deja blue but I hate that brand!) But I drank a sunkist, wore a orange shirt, and had my orange sticky notes out! haha xD I felt so coordinated ^_^

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I LOVE samples! And your picture with the basketball court is too funny. I think I would have filled my bag with as many free bottles of soda or juice as possible, ha!

lindah said...

oh and as for the mascara, I'll try to do a video for you :D I'm sure if you're like seriously crying it won't stay on, but a few tears shouldn't be bad ^_^ But I'll make a quick little video hopefully tomorrow after class :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I know with school I've been totally M.I.A. >_<

Blair said...

I've never visited any factories.. Coca Cola's sounds fun!

I was just going to reply to your comment regarding the blogger swap thingy but I see that Dina has already helped you out =D So sorry for the late reply, I'm slowly catching up :)

Toothfairy said...

oopsie... apparently I ditched the one word rule hahaha!

nicola ticola ponders said...

If you don't like it, then don't drink it because I swear, there's something really addictive in coca cola and you'll be hooked like me before you know it, there's no turning back no I drink SO much every day, really bad!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog to win $80 worth of jewelry! Anyone with a blog can enter :-)

nicola xx

Paula Lobos said...

How cool to have been inside the Coca-Cola factory! :)
Feels like Charlie and the Chocolat Factory somehow...haha... !

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