Thursday, October 1, 2009


both awards from this lovely adin
thanksss hun


The rules of this award is to list 6 interesting facts, so here goes:

1. i live to eat is too short and the only thing that instantly makes me happy is food.lolll
seriously,can u say no??

the bacon and fries.goshh im suffering,damn u food porn !

2.i just realized how kawaii Etude is
i have placed my order for their lip tints,i wanna try all lip tints !i cant wait to try,seriously they are all so kawaii !

i think its one of the etude house in korea,so kawaii

3.i love flying

i love flying and airport.bahahha.when i was a little girl i wanted to be a flight attendant or any kinda job that require me to wander around the airport or plane.bahahhaa.and when im at the airport,sometimes a group of flight attendants walk with their uniform,high heels and neat hair bun,i imagine myself for awhile and snap back to the real embarassingg....

4.i love action movies


super awesome ,is it just the vehicles i love?no its the sound effect and everything but i dont approve of violence,so its just the movies and actions.loll

5.i watch LOTS of detective-sort-of-tv-series(is there such thing??loll pardon my english)
from CSI ( all 3 of them)

Law & Order (all 3 of them?)

Las Vegas ( its the best)

even the comedy Psych

6.finally the best part,i think the most handsome guys on earth are: ( no particular order,i cant decide,bahahha)
ready for eye candiess??? *wink*



oh ji ho Pictures, Images and Photos

Adam Levine from Maroon 5

Josh Duhamel

what a long post...hehehe
tagging both to

 the second award is also from adin,thanks hun !:)


i watched Horsemen couple days ago and i love it !!

i love her acting !!now i just understand what people call ASIAN

i'd give 4.0 stars for this movie !:)
well im not gonna tell u the story but u shud watch !

and yesterday we got first screening ticket for Surrogates the movie.yeayy free tickets,who doesnt love free tickets and be the first to watch it,well at least in Indonesia.loll..
funny story before we enter the cinema,my sister handed me some candies and peanuts and asked me to keep in my bag because she doesnt bring her bag ,note that we are not allowed to bring food to the cinema unless u buy from their cafe but they never checked our bag so nothing to worry.

so when we were entering the cinema,my sist was queueing 3 row before me then i just notice the security was checking bags,then my sist jus stared and me and gave me the 'NO WAYYYY' look and smile and i gave her the 'I WILL KILL U' look -remember its her snacks- then  i slowly unzip my bag and show him HER snacks but he let me walk,DAMN,i thought it was gonna be huge embarassment,turns out they just check for video cam incase someone wanna tape the movie.bahahhahaha

well the movie isnt that bad but i had HIGH expectation so it kinda turn me down.hehehe
u must watch the movie,the makeup for the surrogates are FLAWLESS,u'd envy them !lolll
3.5 stars


Blair said...

I'm with you on #1 to #4! I want to try more things from EH too!

amynaree said...

thanks for the tag and award!! i love food too and my favorite series is Dexter, it's kind of like CSI but I think its better lol

Emily said...

wah!!! great post so lovely

and etude house is super kawaii! so cute, i'd wanna go there too

Shop N' Chomp said...

I have no idea who OH JI HO is but he is one HOT man! That Etude House store is beyond CUTE. I also live to eat!!! Thank you for the award :D

izumi said...

PSYCH and JOSH DUHAMEL?! i love you :)

adin_22 said...

aww.that etude house is so cute....and I also love to watch CSI...oh ji ho looks familiar..hmmm...and adam levine is so hot....

and BTW....the steak is easy just put a tenderizer on it...haha...really...and nice to know we got a lot in common..:D

Babybubblz said...

OMG CSI! I watched one episode and I was sooo disturbed. I suck at these detective shows...they freak me out haha.

In response to the vit E oil for scars, I have a followup post about it here. I was not able to test it long enough because it broke me out. As for the Mary Kay bottle, I left it somewhere so I can't find it to use. Looks like I'm still trying to find something to lighten those blemish scars!

-elle♡ said...

etude house is so adorable x3

lindah said...

I wish we had an etude house in america! That'd be sooo cool :D I'd be in kawaii heaven! ahha, and I love CSI but I can't follow the series! I usually end up forgetting about it :( But I'm currently hooked on bones ^_^

☆Anastacia☆ said...

~Etude house~ stores looks really cute! I visited some of them and all the stores are so adorable :)

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