Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inglorious Basterds (must watch !)+200 followers

definitely not a movie critic,but this is must see !i think im gonna watch this one more time since this isnt gonna be in cinema twice !lol.its soo unpredictable and i cant tell u anything,sorry.some parts of this movies is in French,OMG sounds really sexy !i just love how woman dressed and did their makeup back then during World War II !wait up,i think because they are already naturally beautiful with that flawless skin so i would still be me !*sighs*
wish i could go back to WW II ,oopss no internet and ipod !lol
seriously speaking french is so sexy !i shud watch this one more time !lol
did i mention Brad Pitt also stars in this movie,his military-american accent is goddamn sexy !lol
anyone else has seen this movie?
i think its already playing in the US some time ago?hehe

yeay i now have 200 followers !thanks guuys,umm i mean girls !i seriously have never checked my followers !i know im a bad blogger,im checking them out as we speak !hehe

Diane Kruger

Melanie Laurent

tux ! *loves*

do not have any pict of Brad Pitt in the movie,just showing this sexiest couple alive !lol

*removed my pict*


Chommie said...

i have that problem with my camera sometimes. it took me forever just to be satisfy with a picture.

and honestly i think dangling earrings are sexy on girls, esp with long hair b/c it flows with the hair when the wind blows ;)

adin_22 said...

I'm not sure too but I think it has great amounts of vit.E which is very good for the skin....and u look great on the pic......

amynaree said...

i haven't seen that movie yet, but want to now! hehe

i think loose earrings are cute and don't make you look old at all, i guess it depends on the design but the ones that ezzie make definitely make you look cute and youthful!

you should get the heart ones or the flower/butterfly ones those are really cute

Pop Champagne said...

awww you look so pretty in the pic! Haven't seen the pic, I'm not a big fan of Quintin Taraentino... too violent for me lol. hehe I like "shut up and drive" too. yeah the new song is really blend! but it'll prob make it to number 1 if she makes a runchy video for it... how sad is that that the music industry relies on sex appeals moer than music now?!

~Lisa said...

Great look! Your eyes look so big. And I don't think you'll look old with loose earrings. You look very pretty in them, but certainly not old.

lindah said...

you're so PRETTY :) You should post more fotds! ^_^ and yeah, I really love that movie! It was really good, and brad pitt was so FUNNY xD

sizbelle said...

hi gal, ur makeup looks great too.

loose earring tend to make me feel more feminine.. so it depends on how you wana look and ur dressing of the day!

Ahleessa said...

Congrats on your 200+ followers!

I'm glad you posted a picture of you. You're a pretty thing. :)

Out of curiosity I tried eyeshadow on my waterline this week and it didn't work for me... lol~ Then again nothing stays on my waterline. :X

Stephanie said...

omg, you don't look old at all in loose earrings. so pretty!

Karen said...

No I haven't watched Inglorious Basterds yet. It looks like a good movie though! Oh, and I wished I looked that good with that kind of WWII era makeup. Very classic and beautiful.
I don't think your earrings make you look any older (it doesn't change your age at all). They're pretty though! I guess you're just not used to it so you're more self conscious of them. But I like dangling earrings when I go out especially ;)
I don't use eye shadow on my waterline because some of the powder will flake in my eye when I apply it and I don't like that. But yah, I always line my waterline (MAC Feline at the moment is my fav for that)

Midtown Girl said...

The cinematography of this movie looks amazing!!!

And you are simply gorgeous!! I love eyeliner I wear it every single day. There's a product in Sephora that says it will last even in water and will just wash off with soap & water...So it has the benefits of waterproof but with out the hassle of removal...

Karen said...

Hey again! Regarding our blog convo: You're right - the earrings do make you look feminine now that I look at it again. But I like that! don't like the girly look?! I think it suits you but what you're most comfortable with is most important right?
Ah, you know I wear a TON of eye shadow so I'm sure some of it transferred to my waterline over a couple of hours of blinking and what not especially since shadow would stick to the cream based kohl liner on the waterline. I think that's what you're seeing in the picture ;)

gbbylnscc said...

congrats on 200+ subscribers! yeah i saw that movie too.. so INSANE. i was a lil scared haha.. violent.

Zoe said...

I I haven't seen that movie yet but looks rreally intersting, I love that look on u, u hhave such a flawless skin and u r very pretty^^

Toothfairy said...

Haven't seen the movie, as Boyfriend doesn't want to, and I'm not so eager to go see it alone... maybe I'll watch it on the web instead. Congrats on 200+, may many more to come! and are you back to this blog again?

Have a great week ahead!

Pop Champagne said...

HAHAHAHA about the David Borananez comment I was going to say "How about you come over to my house and I'll sit on your lap and talk about the first thing that pops up" but then that's a bit too dirty for blogspot so I stuck with Scrabble. LOL

Andee Layne said...

i loved this movie! Probably my favorite for this year! Great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Follow mine as I will yours xo

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

hey girl, I got pretty lucky with those revlon lipglosses. I just love our 99cents store.

I wear eyeliner on my waterline and I set it with a black or dark brown eyeshadow. I use an angled brush and I lightly tap the e/s on my waterline. This trick really works for me. It never smudge on me :)

also, loose earring would look nice on you :) im honest.

Joops said...

Now i belong to your follower circle (202nd).. Great blog!

Whitney said...

I think loose earrings would look great on you!!!
Oh and my Lilash got really liquidy and gross so I had to throw it out :(
But I'm using a new product called Hydropeptide Lash and it works AMAZING!!!

rae630 said...

Hey, hun! You can buy MBD masks on <3 Rina

sssdawna said...

you look so young!! not old at all, are you crazy?! lol i saw the first half of the movie and liked it, i will have to finish it. good luck on finding your life's purpose, that's a really good goal, btw.

Dina (XYYan) said...

Pasta de waruku available at GI, TA and PIM.. where do you live btw?
how about i send you one and you try it by yourself? hehe..
i think that was my lucky month... oh, sorry to hear your bad experience.. there will be another win!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh darn, I missed your pic! :( Oh well, I am sure you look pretty in it as usual! :)

I need to see this movie!

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