Sunday, November 15, 2009

surprise giveaway+EOTD+she space haul+seaworld+color tag

do i need to tell you that che color is RED?lol
i got tagged by shirley
it was pretty easy,the second one i got tagged by lindah
guess what the color is please !lol

 maybe at first u'd guess its TEAL.see last two picts,i was so desperate because i cudnt find that color in my room,i took these 2 picts separately coz u guys wud notice its more like turqoise than teal,yeah i cheat,so what???hahahaah

my first ever EOTD !haha

see shades that i use

still too lazy to name each shade,here is the swatchie,without primer,applied dry !uh mazing huh??

this seawolrd trip was actually ages ago but im too lazy to post lesson learnnt today,

haha im so embarassing,i keep screaming like a little kid,running all around,even too afraid to touch this TINY shark,see the hand,thats a little kid rubbing it like plaing with teddy bear,i HAD to scream,back out,come back again because i REALLY wanna touch it,run again,and scream,yeah i caused a SCENE and note that im 18 not 8 !lol

i also wave to every diver,i mean keep waving and asking the to do stuff,like this guy,i keep asking him to hold that shark and he did !lol.its okay,its not a dangerous

i told him to hold coz i wanted to take pict but we were in a rush so my face look like big dork.:(
we are actually allowed to dive ,there are two tanks,this one and SHARK only,for this tank we dont need any so called diving license thingie,I REALLY WANT !!yeah like that tiny shark tihingie,i want so many stuff and i swear,I'D FAINT if i get in this first time i enter this "alley",what do u call it,is it an alley?lol
i had to hold on to my friend's arm because im so scared,curious n

huge stingray.hehe

cute but ugly fish,dunno the

dunno the english term of this fish,but isnt SHE cute?chubby fat fish !loll

this shark is huge but not really dangerous,they dont have white shark here.hehe.i wonder if they have white shark in any other seaworld.
i asked the guide asking whether or not we can enter the shark tanks coz there was this guy entering the tank to feed the shark in cage,i had the pict but i think i erased it my mistake.grrr.there were up to 20 sharks in there and there he was feeding them.i'd piss myself if i did ,then faint,of
we actually coudl if we have the license and the
i wanna see other seaworlds around the world and not to cause a scene

as for the surprise giveaway,its easy and simple
im moving to my new blog


ps: i want it ends on decemeber but since its christmas,im sure USPS will be very busy,so more time till januari.hehehe..i also have the right to close the giveaway early,so dont waste the time,do this now.hehe
all you have to do is
--- follow my new blog ---
--- leave comment,tell me what beauty item u like (lip gloss,blush,eyeshadow,mascara),tell me u prefer mineral or normal makeup and color preferences
if u win my giveaway,i will choose the gift,so please dont tell me the brand ,if u do,u will be disqualified(dont know from ulta,macys,or norstrom or sephora for US reader and makeup mix shop for international reader,depends on the preferences u give me)hehe---

---. for 5 more entries,please spread the word,on ur blog post or sidebar,and leave another comment and the link---


yeay !!


Aralka said...

oh my god. this fish is really big! scary...

acutelife said...

hahaha, where is this seaworld at??the sting ray is gigantic!!
well, you KNOW what's gonna happen if Jakarta has one of those gardens like in Melbie right? those street seller will start flocking and make their self at home in no time hahaha...
btw, I will email you tomorrow ok, I wanted to email it yesterday, but Im still waiting for one or two more pairs so i thought it's better if I email them all off at one go ;) hope you dont mind

Toothfairy said...

huge fish... as in scary fish! haha...

You've done a great job on the tag... was probably much easier for you haha!


My-My said...

hey hun, in regards to your comment, the hair gel is not strong enough to replace hairspray. but its great for controlling frizz and keeping pesky hairs in place. hairspray tends to always be stronger in holding your hair up for updos.

in my eyes. . . red is red and blue is blue. lol. you didn't cheat. :P

and the manatee are so cute! big, yet graceful creatures. sounds like you had a great time at sea world. :)

Fifi said...

Chubby fat fish!!! Lol. I love how you call the fishes. I think it's a mammal though? It looks like so. hahaha. Ahhh I so want to go to seaworld. So many places to visit in Jakarta, but gosh I hate the traffic.

Your eotds are cute. do some more! :)

Chommie said...

i like your eotd! you should post some more. and cute fat fish! LOL

GirL With GLasSes... said...

hi =)

regarding the cute chubby creature, in the Philippines we call them "dugong"



Pop Champagne said...

joined your new blog hunny! and my god that's a big sting ray... no wonder that australian guy died by a sting ray sting...

Paula Lobos said...

Turqoise is such a beautiful colour! Fresh!!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i neeeed to get my ass to seaworld. lol

Shop N' Chomp said...

"DONT GO TO SEAWORLD WITH VERINA"...haha! ;) Great EOTDs and color tag pics.

Shop N' Chomp said...

I like the smell of Skinfood's black sesame mask b/c it smells exactly like a Chinese black sesame dessert. :)

Paula Lobos said...

Haha...don´t run! :D Ladybugs are SO cute and pretty... I think they actually bring luck!

Sarah said...

OOoh love your EOTD!!! So sparkly and gorgeous!!!
Seaworld looks like so much funnnn :)

lindah said...

pretty, pretty! I like your eotd :D I like your eyeshape acutally, mine is uneven! It makes me mad.. haha! XD and You did my tag ^_^ I'm so happy, and yeah I bet it's pretty tough to do LOL :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the pink lippie you gave me of course! :D Mascara base is great for girls who have stick straight lashes. You use it after curling your lashes and before using regular mascara to hold the curl.

Emily said...

wah! great stuff u got....but omg omg!!! wah! the perfect color, that ive been looking for, love it >_< the eotd is so so pretty, i love the pink color, it is sooooo pretty

thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments, love your blog always!

beautifulnemo said...

you have such a lovely blog :)

xxx from madrid!

Pop Champagne said...

thanks for your lovely comment! haha when I found the butterfly for $1 at the dollar store I was like o_O gotta use it for a shoot!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

to countour i use macs i58/168 something that ends in 8 lol and macs blush in harmony and place it in the hallows of my cheek bones

FriendzCentury said...

I'd be too scared to dive into the tank LOL, keeping my distance from the outside on dry land sounds about right for me. Pretty EOTD's Sweetie and thank you for stopping by my blog.

You can try picking up the YSL Mook in the places that sell Japanese magazines. Hope you manage to get your hands on a copy :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi hun! Thank you for joining my giveaway! Ooh, I love Prada! I hope you get the bag! :)

Tali said...

That little red chest of drawers is sooo cute!
Great post by the way.. really interesting!! x

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