Thursday, August 9, 2012

Follow my new blog?:)

I have been blogging there!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

giveaway closed,and the winner is...... :)

so i got 213 entries,sorry i cudnt show u the printscreen of result,coz suddenly my mozilla crashed and all windows got wouldnt be fair if i pick new winner just because my mozilla
the winner is number 51,thats daituf ! :)

eeek disturbing picture !sunburn !had outdoor activity at my campus.i cudnt find my sunblock in the morning so i had to go without sunblock.eeek !thanks god i got Dr. G bb cream on my face,some of my friends also has sunburn on their face.:P
i know my arm looks not flattering at all,come on gimme sometime to work it

new year new yeah its Charles n Keith, cheap n comfy.i dont mind CP for u guys
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

finally..+happy new year guys

LMAO i have had nothing to post anymore.
yesterday i went to the PO to pick up 3 boxes from amynaree and another box from etsy.
can u imagine how happy i was.LOL.after all this time browsing thru macys,nordstrom,f21,charlotte russe,they are all finally here.thanks amy !

these are just some MU related stuff,the rest are secret


wondering why i never have OOTD post?coz this is my typical outfit.everyone is so stylish here in singapore,well some is stylish,some has style,ummm not in a good way.loll.i used to love being stylish,but u know what it means?always going thru ur closet everytime u go out and try 6 different combination,get stressed out and messy i rite??lol
so here i am,tee and jeans standing on the full body mirror at my place

christmas in singapore,all decorations and so freaking crowded.staying home is the

OMG cant believe its 2010 soon !
wish everythings gonna be better in 2010 for all of us !
cant wait to start 2010 with trevi PM, friend is coming to town and i can use his pasport to claim tax refund
really cant wait !
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

wishlist update+merry christmas y'all

first off,merry christmas all my darling!hope u have a great one!me just too lazy to go out.its almost 9 here,i cud just join the crowd outside but im just

haha yeahh i wennt to duty free shop alone and get free gift wrap service for myself.LMAO.hey its my wishlist,sure i can wra it up as gift

was gonna get armani fragrance but didnt like it anymore, i SWEAR this smells soooo goood


D&G The One,i prefer this than Rose The One tho the ads is just soo gorgeous n tempting,its smells too girlie. :P

the second one is ne tiny netbook is just

so far my 09 wishlist

actually i wanted to get that LV trevi PM today but since i am now student here i cant get tax refund so i joined gym membership plus PT which cost me more than my dream bag.f$#@%$#@!!
well hope im gonna stick to the gym,all the PT schedule and have the result i hv always wanted

since its already christmas,have u fulfilled all ur christmas wishlist?tell me tell me


BTW thanks for doing the polling now im sure either im pretty sane or most blogger here also has 'something wrong' which im pretty sure not,so yeay for more laughter,look younger,be happier!LOL
lame,i know

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

new traincase +poll help

okay 1st off i need u guys to do me a n my bf has a lot of tiny unimportant argues every single he was like,why dont u make a poll on ur blog and see who is correct? well there's actually lots of topics but as usual,i always think im correct and some is subjective.

so,when we were in the supermarket,he said that he was looking for biscuit named Chicken in A Biscuit.okay as for my defense,u all know how i LOL,HEHE,HAHA,LMAO,BAHAHAHAHHA a lot in my post,well its not just online,i laugh a lot in real life,WHY wud i stop myself from enjoying myself and laughing rite??
to be fair,i guess his defense is that my laughter sounds scary (which is not,ask Dina,does my laughter sounds scary at all??)
okay then we finally found this and i just laughed and his magic words just slide,THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU...

come on,look at the box!how they purposely wrote BISKIT and hey look at the chicken's face!its funny!!
nothing's wrong with me rite?im just a lil girl who laugh a lot whose bf accuse her of having scary laughter which is completely untrue.:P

  simply do the poll on my left bar baby,please be fair,dont be on my side coz u love me bunch !:)

ps: hmmm i recall someone telling me not to post anything about him on my blog.

new traincase since i have no vanity,drawer etc

see,its huge?love it !

well it seems like i have nothing to blog about at the moment
sorry for being extremely random
stay silly !
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Friday, December 18, 2009

update+sasa is evil

finally,i can update pictures
dont u just love the view from the livin room??:P

well i

zoom in,u can see a swimming pool that i havent been to b4!!i know !its been 5 days i think i have gain MUCH kilos,yes MUCH so cant swim.haha

no vanity,no drawer,this is gonna be damn ugly if i go to sasa often

1st cooking was rather tasteless,but hey,not bad okay ??!

bon appetit !!:)

3rd day sasa haul,also have 1st day and 5th day haul but didnt take picture,and this is actually just my 5th day

and julie wanted to deposit her pay cheque to sasa if she lived across sasa and i was like,no way..but i have been visiting sasa everyday i go to the mall and never left empty handed.well its just temporary madness so i dont mind

well ciao !:)
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am not dead,yet

LOL i havent been MIA also,i just havent update my blog coz i got my sony cam and the card reader but all sony memory card needs their own tiny card reader which i didnt bring along and if im not mistaken its not sold separately. >.<

anywhoo,i love my new place. :)
and moving in to new place gives excuses to shop a lot since i left so many things behind. :P
also got some Sasa haul since this mall across my place has Sasa. haha how lucky i am,always mall across my place.well back home it was seriously 2 minutes walk to get inside the mall and 30 seconds walk to get to the

btw im having blogsale/swap up sometime around januari,i guess?i have so many abandoned babies here.:)

well enough with my boring post,will figure out how to upload pict to my laptop

take care
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